After completing the health check, Jia Yongzhen fell there. "Is he sick?" – Zhongshi News


Comedian Jia Yongzhen is a keen sportsman and she's a famous frozen Iron Man Mummy in the laugh business. She cried to the disaster and asked "Is he sick?"

Jia Yongzheng published a document on Facebook earlier, she just finished the health check, but Jia Yongzhen immediately shouted and wrote: "Is he sick?" Jia Yongzheng seems to have grown taller and higher. At 177.4 centimeters, Jia Yongzhen also said: "I don't want to work anymore!"

Jia Yongzheng's long-standing article attracted many people to talk and say, “I want to get bigger! “Changgao has broken into my heart, coming to exercise”, “tremendous height”, and people shouting. Message: "Can you divide me 5 cm?" Jia Yongzhen added too: "Come off quickly."

(China Times Newsletter)

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