After criticism for heavyweight, Danna Paola returns to Instagram with a hot picture


Danna Paola, which is now one of the leading stars of the famous series of Spanish teenagers Netflix, Elite & # 39;, in a few weeks ago, it seems to have been severely punished by many other kilitos, and this began after a post posted on Instagram, where she appeared with a suitcase on her bag at the event Who 50, which happened in October.

A beautiful, beautiful, well-known actress has been on her. believe heavily on her behalf & Throm; & # 39;, she has a number of messages in her Instagram pictures of her enemies, but fortunately many people who support her and her friends are not. sending her messages of love and love, where they say so that she is taking into account all that kind of criticism is in fact, very painful.

And that's just what the 23-year-old act did, Danna Paola He never did a comment on the subject and did not completely comment on his / her; counteract, expand to & # 39; posted several pictures off where it looks completely. Many Danna have a lot of enjoyment and they know that these negative messages are all beautiful breaches, now it is the truth that the scene did not appear; leaving her a lot and her.

And even though he had a few pounds, what did he do? I mean … she & she; look beautiful at least. What is important is that a young woman is a feeling very well with her body and that's why she always presents beautiful pictures through social networks, and her Most of them show her body that he is very scared of many people. Here we will leave some …

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