After "Dancing with the stars", Terence Telle falls in love with Shy



Terence seems to have had a good souvenir to participate in the "Dance with the stars" show. In addition to her beautiful meetings, Terence moved closer to one of the jury members, Shy.

Terence Telle left the magic "Dannsa leis na Rionnagan" after the trip on Saturday. But he does not expect to brush the bridges along with the Fauve Hautot dancer, and certainly not with a Shy, who is obviously ill; very popular. He has also created strong links with the two young women. In addition to training, he became very dancer with his dancer, who became a close friend.

According to our colleagues at Télé Loisirs, Terence Telle, who eliminated the competition "Dancing with the stars" Saturday, November 24 with the French model, Fauve Hautot, his companion, admits that he is under the control of the beautiful singer Shy & m. He fell in love with her because she loved such a thing: "It's a very happy woman in me, I see it's funny, handsome and so it's very similar to many people, among themselves." He is sure he himself, manikin identifies that several points are common. "Many things are common. And during" bonus ", she praised me saying that my accomplishments had put her eyes into her eyes and everything was full."

For this reason he would not want a split from Shy: "I hope we keep in touch because it's an amazing thing." AOn the last news, after breaking out with Benoît Paire, Sìthidh would be in love again with his sister's son Lio. T. For now, Terence Telle needs to pay her courage to pay her & it is protected.

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