After eight years, Kubica will return to the F1 series, Williams will ride with Russell



The Polish rider, Robert Kubica, returns to the world f1 tournament after eight years. The next week's collaboration has been officially approved by the British team of Williams, who gives information to the specialist service.

He will travel in the 2019 season along with the new reporter George Newell in F1.

Fifteen, Kubica, a BMW in Canada won in Montreal in Montreal for BMW Sauber. But his F1 position, however, was to stop the disaster at the relay in 2011, when he was close to the right. Last year he was allowed to drive the F1 when he spent experiments with Renault and Williams.

"First of all, I would like to thank everyone who helped me in the sad times in recent years, was a hard way to go on back to F1, but it seemed to be impossible, and I'm pleased to say that I will be at the start of F1 in 2019. "

"There is one challenge behind and now another is waiting for me – working on the way with Williams, it will not be easy, but I will work hard and I will try to higher movement, returning to F1 as one of the worst achievements of my life, which helped me and who believed in me, " he said.

Kubica had a final fight in the F1 monopath in his & her; VC last in 2010. He returned to a motorcycle racing in 2016, first tested on the reels and then a GT racing on Mugello tour. Last year he sold Renault and Williams successful trials.

The British team has an unsuccessful season – its riders, Rus Sergei Sirotkin and Lance Stroll Canada have not won only seven points.

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