After eight years to get rid of … Are the Egyptians wanting Mubarak's time?


Doaa Abdel Latif-Cairo

The dark Egyptian scene is now compared to the tall-shaped sky which covered the Tahrir Square on the afternoon of February 11, 2011 by saying that President Hosni Mubarak was in a position; go down.

Eight years have elapsed from this historic era, but the Egyptians now have a lot of people's political and economic tension to do; Looking back at this time, making comparisons between what they were doing; lived before and what was the situation after that.

If any of the things knew what would happen to him for a reconsideration of his joy when he was in a position; going down, it might take it back or properly install the renewables, this is the aim of many social network sites that annually drown anniversary of the out.

But there are also those who believe believe the focus of the exits to contracts for not. In the present fact, they are considered due to errors that are in fact; go back to time and go.

And between the two moves to build; question about the level of continuing religion against the rebels' rebels against Mubarak's management eight years ago, and where does their regret repentance inside?

An old former leader of the Egyptian Students' Union and one of the young people in the January Revolution, Ahmad al-Bagri, said the talk about nostalgia for their pre-existing societies – the more convicted of the power; at present.

He told Net Al-Jazeera that the reasons for the outbreak in January were the same as they were and even increased. All parties that participated in the outbreak have now been collected. "Our blood is mixed on the ground and we do not have different bullets. So, it is the choice of people that are between the bad and the worst."

Celebration in Tahrir Square after Mubarak names (Network sites)

There is an unstable fact
Eight years after the Egyptian surrender of Mubarak's three-decade government was to be completed by destroying liberty and being able to discharge it. pursuing challenges, pollution and emergencies, political and economic exhibitions show that the situation is now worse. Prisoners are held by political prisoners. Along with the thousands that were killed, as well as to escape and persecute abroad.

Under a package of laws agreed by the parliament – it's Most of them are related to the current authority – there has been a revival in the path of freedom and some human rights; report worse than in Mubarak itself.

On the economic side, the numbers show increasing inflation, external debt and greater citizen pressure with a hard drive, especially to # 39; construction of fuel subsidies and tax increase.

Last December, a Foreign Policy magazine published a report describing the years of President Abdel-Fattah al-Sisi was far greater than Mubarak, and worse than the Republic of Egypt .

The report says that Egypt was very frightening, "but it has not been known today."

Before he finally fell to Egypt at the end of January, French President Emmanuel Macaron said that human rights in Egypt were worse than in Mubarak's age, and believed to be mishandling humanity in Egypt threatening it is stable.

Mubarak in his final appearance in a session to try his & # 39; President Mohamed Morsi in December (Reuters – Archive)

"Are the Egyptians today's judge that the time of Hosni Mubarak fell?" Under this work, the Carnegie Midlands Research Center edited the last March report that commented on the short response on its. question "something even".

He gave this to reasons that were not related to human rights and democratic processes as they relate to poor economic conditions.

The report stated that other Egyptian groups were strongly opposed to Mubarak since the summer of 2013 – after deleting President Mohamed Morsi and destroying my position – the fourth fourteenth of Adawi and Nahdha – I'm going to wished to preserve a president's day.

He explained that they were typing for a type of dash; a comparatively diverse public place sponsored by Mubarak, who was exempted under the Sisi rule.

But the report said that Mubarak failed to implement any political and economic reforms of the Egyptians with a deep sense of non-verbal meaning. "The Egyptians still do not mourn Mubarak, but they learned not to really add it to him."

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