After four wheels are rising, the dollar will start the stable week at $ 38.50


The dollar starts at a stable week at $ 38.50 in banks and groups in the city of Buenos Aires, according to an average of

This should be surprised to be surprised by foreign exchange jobs, the dollar $ 1.07 of night was up, the biggest daily increase in Sandleris time, and had risen in almost seven weeks at $ 38.50.

There was a backup, which was a # 39; quench a quarter before the end of the year a crucial demand for broadcasting in front of its marketplace; related to the market (following an application process with Lebac, where the BCRA raised concerns about $ 122,000 million), and by Abolishing jobs increased in equal money, compared to a limited response on the offer side for part of US holidays, market activists said.

As a result, the monthly revenues recorded $ 1.50, the largest one made since the end of September, when the exchange rate had been affecting the level of $ 41.94.

With a measure of $ 546 million, Jump to $ 1.10 to $ 37.60, which represents the most important daily increase in almost two months. So, an increase of $ 1.67 was collected per week.

Despite the sharp increase in the exchange rate, the Middle Bank declared a new cut in the phase, which lodged in 61.405% annually (from 61.699%), in Leliq's daily auction. He gave $ 134,844 million, a sum of the lowest than those who had a $ 39,844 million, grow, and spread around $ 48,700 million to the market. It is worth noting that the name Leliq was stretched from 7 to 10 days from next Friday there will be a banking holiday for a G20 conference.

Despite being & # 39; affecting the high levels that impart a commitment to the Central and Treasury, investors start to & # 39; restore themselves in a dollar (they are turning bets in terms of behaviors or financial bikes) due to the falling rates, as close to the end of the year and the political uncertainty on ahead of 2019 president elections.

With the BCRA the toll dropped the money to a dollar, which upsets up to 4.1% or ($ 1.52) to date. "It's not a case in this Friday's increase, there is a level of exchange within its flotation band," said sources at the cash unit. And they added: "It's part of the dynamics at the end of the month where there is usually more demand for export, this time added to the worsening of the offer."

Other cash markets

In the ROFEX revenue market, $ 710 million were sold for November with a 2.89% increase to $ 38.15, and December 2.54% increased to $ 39.54. Customs money was used at 60% and b & # 39; It's the day-to-day "exchange translation" with 140 million dollars to take money and / or make money in pesos and / or dollars to settle on Monday and Tuesday the next day.

In an informal market, on the other hand, an blue jump from $ 1 to $ 37.50, according to the survey of this media in caves in the middle of Buenos Aires. Drop the "money set" $ 1.58 to $ 37.81.

Finally, Central Bank's bankruptcy fell $ 100 million on Friday and closed at $ 51,731 million.

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