After going ashore in Mars, everything will go according to its # 39; the "InSight" plan


After going ashore in Mars, everything will go according to its # 39; the "InSight" plan

PASADENA. After they have been able to proceed to their & # 39; Red Planet, everything in accordance with its plan will be with Mars "InSight".

The "InSight" survey Image: MIKE BLAKE (REUTERS)

Named a US sporadic group, NASA, Monday (local time), and found the sign that "InSight" has set up its output. As Landemanvers on Mars was often a fall, NASA staff identified an introduction "InSight".

The two global sights of "InSight" with a diameter of about 2.20 meters already commented on sunlight collected on Mars, NASA said. In clear air, they can generate energy for a 700-watt quiz. "The InSight team can be a bit easier tonight tonight – now we know that the cuts are expanded and the batteries are back," said Tom Hoffmann, InSight Director.

Send us the first photos

A few hours ago, the study had fallen on Mars. "Location verification!" NASA said of her control center in Pasadena, California. Then big shoes went out, scientists jump up and jumped together.

Within a few minutes later "InSight" set the first picture of the Red Planet. Although the picture was very tough, it may have been because of the clouds of a built-in mold, going ashore. In the days ahead, "InSight" will be busy searching for appropriate locations to launch their handsets with a strategic weapon.

NASA leader Jim Bridenstine seems to have been confident of coming to the future Mars missions: "At the end, the day comes when we are going to go. bringing people on Mars, "he said.

"6 minutes a half of horrible"

Landemanver on Mars is so complex that only about 40 per cent of the previous campaigns outside of the planets inside our solar system have been successful. So NASA had talked about the "six and a half minutes of terror" before the "InSight" came ashore. A visit was over seven years in advance by exploring the space.

At a speed of 19,800 km / h, it went to Mars Marsh, its heat shield was moved to 1,500 degrees Celsius. After the probe dropped the shield, his three legs and axes came out, and traveled calmly down to Mars surface.

Many of the Mars drawings need to be done with the quality of their mains. our neighbor planet. On the one hand, the sudden air causes parasites to be improved, but the impact of a restricted bracket. On the other hand, the Martian atmosphere is sufficiently dry to heat up a space heat while it's grow.

European Technology

Although Europe has not yet been managing Mars management; success, but is involved in a variety of technologies in the "InSight" -Mission. Graz Institute for Space Research (IWF) of the Academy of Austrian Science is involved in analyzing the data. One of the probationary devices that is aboard the tent platform is in a confirmation built in the & # 39; Germany, and is expected to have a hole up to five meters deep on Mars surface. French seismometer is also aboard.

With the geo-physical theater in InSight, the sciences are to explore Mars and its structure for the first time in the next two years. It should be possible to quantify the amount of earthquake and earthquakes that may be on planet. The researchers are hoping to find out, among other things, how Mars will raise a billion years ago.

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