After having sex with a woman and a person, they go to a sex and sex shop; steal


Monday 11/18/2018 21:00 PM (GMT + 7)

When guests in the sex shop, female women put up or hit the client to get possession.

On November 19, the public security of the Long Ho area (Vinh Long division) holds the CSO holding Phan Thi Bach Tuyet (aged 50, living in a town Cai Tau Ha, Chau Thanh district, Dong Thap province) and Nguyen Phuong Dai (37 years old, living in the town of Pou Loi, Phuoc Hau commune, Long Ho area) to explore "robbery" behavior.

About 2 hours on 1-11, Long Ho district police were in the Tuyet Café (in Tan Binh village, Tan Hanh, Long Ho area). According to Mr T.M.T. (a motorcycle driver, 41 years old, living in Dong Thap province), because of an argument with his wife, Mr T. gave a car to Vinh Long and He stopped at her coffee shop. Here, the host invited Mr T. into the complex for 200,000 VND. Mr T. agrees and prepares the money and goes to the shop.

After sex with a woman and someone to steal a sex shop and then - 1

The photo of a proprietor of the Phan Thi Bach Tuyet Café. Photograph: Long Vinh Police

A minute later, Mr. T. turned off to leave, the inn stopped saying he was not paid like that. In a spoon there is 13.5 gold 24K with a sum of 7.5 million, the total value of 54 million VND is the amount Mr T. has just sold and sold seals for many years when he has ridden on a motorcycle. When Mr T. re-responds, a young man in a tree will always attack him and his / her; tears his right eye to the emergency room.

Having been hitting the people who were in a position; suffering and possession of theft, Tuyet fled and was arrested on November 15 in the Long An area, Long Ho area. In particular, the man was hit by Mr T. to police on the next day's life when the crime was.

According to the Long Ho District Public Security Bureau, this is a café within the reach of police forces. Grandmother and living together as husband and wife of Snow. Recently, the work of a virus-based cascade opened as a serious security trace.

People who complained that police policing of the Long Ho area, and # The reception of two-hour restaurant staff for the focus of the guests and the force is active in order to control the administrative fight.

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