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Emiliano Sala: after his death, increasing the multiplication of teens

SALA – This is the body found by Emiliano Sala. The day after these news, the football world gives a praise to the player. Cardiff and FC Nantes were very interested, as did Emiliano Sala's sister.

20:53 – Particular gift from FC Nantes to Emiliano Sala

The Nantes club pays a special recommendation through the match against the Nimes Olympique Sunday in Ligue 1 Conforama. As well as 9-star sets, black games will be called Sala. Before a game and at half an hour, a page with the photo of Emiliano Sala will be placed on the center circle. The "Emi Forever" LEDs will appear throughout their game. Followers are required to come together from 3 Sunday afternoon.

19:44 – Commended for Emiliano Sala from the Red Star

The Red Star will be presenting a compliment to Emiliano Sala this evening, match against Ajaccio. They also look at a summary of confidence, also to remember Emilien Jaccaud, one of their supporters, who died yesterday.

18:52 – Remove number number to chart: common customs

In order to give praise to players, such as Emiliano Sala, some clubs have decided that their Paris Paris game numbers will no longer be present. The Nantes club has explained that no 9 will now be spent by any player. It is a tradition from the United States, especially for the NBA. In Europe, in football clubs, this practice has been strong in Italy and in England. The number 27 in Manchester-City and 17 in Lyon and Lens have no jumps available since Marc-Vivien Foé was killed, as number 13 of Davide Astori at Fiorentina and Cagliari.

18:30 – VIDEO – Halilhodzic went into tears as a Death hall

The Canaris company was not aware, today's evening, Jonelière, a & # 39; answering questions from journalists about the death of Emiliano Sala:

18:21 – A summary of desires this weekend in memory of Emiliano Sala

Remember that the Professional Football League (LFP) says that this offer will be provided on this weekend, on both sides of Ligue 1 and Ligue 2. "At the time of searching the search body, professional football participating in this weekend to his family and relatives to praise Emiliano Sala, said the statement On the day of the 24th day of Ligue 1 Conforama and Domino's League 2, minute "All the reasons will be checked before the meetings begin. At this time of serious sadness, the Professional Football League who likes the family and loved ones of Emiliano Sala ".

18:13 – Nîmes called "Sala" shirts

Nimes Olympique will download the Nantes Sunday FC FC, on his Twitter account that his players would wear a T-shirt for the name of Emiliano Sala for his & her; warmth.

17:56 – Vieira: "This is really sad things."

Patrick Vieira, the Nice trainer, was alerted Friday by emitting Emiliano Sala: "It's well over football, the surviving person, we are all aware This is particularly happening with his family, these are very difficult items … Everyone is in a football that supports his family ".

17:44 – Benitez (Nice): "We will consider Emi Sunday night"

Walter Benitez, a tragic guardian of OGC Nice, spoke of the death of Emiliano today at a news conference: "They got their body, there is no hope. It's a difficult time to play We fought against Nantes a few months ago, we had a little lecture, it's hard, it's a difficult situation for us, but also for everyone in football. There will be a lot of mind on the night of On Sunday, we will hardly think about Emi and his family. "

17:30 – Boy of the Tower (LFP): "Emiliano suggested that the happiness of living"

Nathalie Boy de la Tour, president of the Professional Football League, said today that she was sad and how to die as an Argentinean conflict: "On a personal level and as many people Another, With a strong heart and uncomfortable pain, Emiliano Sala created a wonderful life, kindness, generosity and simple, and the honor paid to Emiliano at the Nantes-Saint-Etienne meeting showed how well As a result of football can respect one of his family, affecting his meat, the FC Nantes club has shown unnecessary support your family and friends Emiliano. At the same time, many players and organizations have responded to their call to search research to retrieve their search & flight , and responding to a family. It has a moment of solidarity that has passed beyond its limits Splash shows how football can see people who are far beyond the simplest This is a vital strength. Tonight and during the weekend, we are all unified to give Emiliano a final recommendation before the games will be woke up. On behalf of a French professional football, I would like to thank each of you for your support from the family of Emiliano Sala, who will always be our hearts. "

17:19 – Valentin Vada: "You're still an example"

Valentin Vada, who was a team member and close friendship to Emiliano Sala, spoke after the death of his Argentinean: "You are and you'll still be a good example for me and everyone you have seen to grow up. My brother is always in my heart, my peace in peace, hero. "


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