After homosexuality, by bed division, Dam Vinh Hung Culture spoke


In this episode, Dam Vinh Hung a & # 39; team of the student team team in the competition Voice to sing Vietnam He said that his feeling was very tough and hurt when he is now "Vietnam's king music"; take care of how old. In particular, during training for its program The Voice, Phan Ngoc Luan's afternoon is not going home, Mr's sleeping … Dam

"Living together, working together and singing with Hung, the feeling grew bigger and bigger, when I hit it, it was a" feeling that Hung, a feeling that grew up, can not stop. I usually used to think that it was just a feeling that passed , I tried to handle it as usual, but at the same time sleeping, the feeling I have no control, without control, there are things I can not tell here, but to talk about "Phan Ngoc Luan.

From the USA, Dam Vinh Hung was very wild when he was responding Thanh NienThe former singer said: "I'm always ready to support students but I never agreed to get the personality of the way before the interview, text messages received Monday, The name of a "big song" was loaned to the content, seeing it due to the future MV, I advised what should and should not be done. Many players have had a bad deal, another is good, but Pham Ngoc Luan lost himself.

Being a homosexual student who sleeps in the same bed, Dam Vinh Hung spoke - picture 1

Dam Vinh Hung published a message called Phan Ngoc Luon to interview the accident to the record, but he did not know what special students say.


"Before the interview, I was asked to say it very much." The results, you saw through my Facebook and article messages, I'm not afraid of Dam Vinh Hung. I do not want to be in the script, I do not want to negotiate and teach students to refuse the trick you make, "he said.

Before sharing this Phan Ngoc Luong, the audience left much negative feedback on social networks. So many of the spectators commented that Phan Ngoc Luan personally gave their name Dam Vinh Hung and music materials are just launched.

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