After lunch with Tinelli, Lavagna and Macri differed from corruption and explained the ban – 03/12/2019 t


After lunch on Monday with Marcelo Tinelli, Roberto Lavagna left Tuesday to make a difference to the government regarding corruption. Although he kept the question of whether he was struggling for Presidency, he warned that " tthere are no campaigns on individual legal issues So he said, "Justice means a decision."

In addition, he was opposed to legal prohibition, although he said that this practice must be enabled "in cases of rape, danger to mother's life, physical or mental health or mental health problems." fetus. "

On the meeting he had with Tinelli, the old Minister of Economy Economy Kirchner said he had seen the television campaigner "keen to continue," and said he was "one of the people".who is in the stage of his life in which he wants to make a contribution? Anyway, anyway, he avoided the deepening of the topics they received while they happened.

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With regard to his potential, Lavagna said when they suggested the first response.It was really negative. T"But, please admit it" that the situations were pushing through the months "." And here, meeting people, putting forward comments on the board, "he said.

Anyway, in an radio interview Metro, warning that "the candidates must come at the end " for "when they first come wrong, the initial comments", and he said he's trying to "add, to understand that this crack doesn't manage us anywhere".

When asked if he could agree "kind of salvation" for Cristina Kirchner, who faces several court cases, Lavagna made clear his intention to engage in corruption in between Clear distinction in relation to the setting. by Mauricio Macri.

Roberto Lavagna with Sergio Uñac and Miguel Lifschitz, when the Fiesta del Sol completed the San Juan.

Roberto Lavagna with Sergio Uñac and Miguel Lifschitz, when the Fiesta del Sol completed the San Juan.

“Campaigning with and dealing with corruption issues program, comments, and equipment are displayed. There are no campaigns for individual cases, these are not the only ones that will come out of it. It is a matter of trial. For matters with name and surname, these are decided by justice"He put an emphasis on it.

As he has done in each of his last public engagements, the economist took the opportunity to make a difference between Kirchnerism and Macrismo, and confirmed that Cristina was t Kirchner and Macri "They want to include everything of survival"" They have no idea to re-consider the head or make a permanent agreement. "It does seem to be very important," he said.

Therefore, he focused “What is important here is being able to build a big place, of justicialismo people, of radicalism, of socialism, of smaller parties such as development, and an important share which is included in political life against a situation where they have to choose between two things t not satisfied. '

Likewise, he also repeated a strong question on the current government's economic policy, and although he explained that "the last eight years of Argentina's years have been dead," he added. he said "the last 4 years, t instead of overcome the legacy, they desperately distressed"

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Finally, he was consulted on his position on barring rations, a topic which will feature on the agenda during the election campaign, Lavagna said that "personally" is against him, even though he said that he had t this practice should be made possible for some cases. .

“Argentina's Court had made a law that dealt with some important issues: the issue of rape, mother's life risk, physical or psychological harm, the fetal health problems, that were doing that. something of that sort are applied across the country in a fair and equitable way He says that no one can stop him from completing it until there have been other events such as those that have taken place recently, "he said. t

"I would not be presenting it as a criminal matter, but in terms of values: we want this or we do not want this, and after that, the legislators will know how to change it in legal terms, some He made and did so successfully "came to a decision."


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