After nearly two years, Honda SH 2017 has made users satisfied?


Honda SH 2017 launched in Vietnam since November 2016 with its & # 39; price priced from 68 million. This is the model that popular customers experience due to luxurious and modern technology. Talk to thethao247, Mr Phung Duy Tung, a person who has been in many years to go. using SH cars and now owns a specialist who specializes in SH in Hanoi:

"I was one of the fortunate owners of Honda SH 2017 after the car was launched, so far almost 2 years of use. As well as anyone else, I am the person who understands the benefits and disadvantages of this new generation of SH because I'm an expert to get a SH line to regenerate."

Honda SH 2017 designs beauty, personality

According to Tung, & nbsp; The first reason he chose SH 2017 instead of the other modules because the new generation SH has been well designed compared to the previous one. The plastic parts of the car are made stronger and more beautiful, especially black plastic and lumpy base. The pains have increased the standards as well as quality. A comparison show is set in 3D to make it easier to see when the car moves.

SH 2017 has passed over almost two years of use

The most prominent change to Honda SH 2017 is the light, position and backlight systems used in new LEDs. When you travel at night, LED super-LED on SH is very fond of a clear vision.

The full light system of the LED LED is a modern feature

In terms of performance, Tung SH 2017 for amazing acceleration. It will take about 3 seconds to accelerate from 0-80 km / h. In particular, the ability to maintain the consistency when the car runs at an early speed of the SH is good. When the bags are lightly raised, the car will grow rapidly, the weak is very small. The engine is slightly raised and then it is cleaned by releasing the nose when the car started to work style. "Compared to the previous version, the delay in the SH 2017 gas mileages has been significantly reduced, which gives it more emotional participation especially when it is in its turn; overcoming other vehicles short distance. At a high speed of 60 – 80 km / h, a strong strong torque force is known, a constant distance pace in many tests, the car is not on its scale, the wheels are even slippery with smooth, wet roads due to water"Mr Tung said!

SH 2017 achievement is very good

Not only that, the safety when using SH 2017 makes it very happy too. ABS anti-lock brakes will promote strengths in fast-paced, unfair and stable situations. Honda SH's face and face users in the past generations have been shown by the users. In the 2017 version, the feature has been greatly rescued. When you move into the otter or down the ramp, the front and the backup have a smooth operation to help the driver as well as the back seat to & # 39; feel more comfortable.

The suspension system on SH 2017 has been developed smoothly

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