After re-opening the government, SpaceX asked two Falcon Heavy permissions


The two Falcon Heavy promotion attacks in 2018 were something for myself.
Enlarge / / The two Falcon Heavy promotion attacks in 2018 were something for myself.

Trevor Mahlmann for Ars Technica

The re-opening of the federal government which means file publishing companies can again launch licenses with different groups, and SpaceX appears to be a Take full advantage of this fact on Monday. The company asked three permissions from the Federal Communications Commission (which can be found here).

One of the permits that includes the next intention of procurement at International Pressing Station for a Dragon spacecraft, CRS-17, which was recorded for its & March. This license for "Dragon capsule telemetry, tracking, and command" shows that the resolution is no longer faster than April 12.

Should there be more interest, applications for two permissions are available; Related to launching the next mission Falcon Heavy, Arabsat 6A, and a & # 39; launching two side builders and the key part. These applications show that the campaign will be at the # 39; the 6A Arab conference that took place earlier than 7 March from the 39A Center of Canadian Spaniard Center. This is consistent with the current estimates for its & # 39; current year.

The issuing license also affirms that SpaceX will attempt to attempt the two built-in side-by-side builders; Its borders on the Florida coast, were set up to recycle the dramatic dramas adjacent to the first Falcon Heavy test test trip in February. The company also has a & # 39; trying to collect the center's center center on a drone ship based on ocean in the Atlantic Ocean about 1,000km from the shoreline. During the first Falcon Heavy rocket test aircraft, SpaceX had not finished at the base of the center.

Successful rocks were needed

Arabsat 6A is the largest Saudi television satellite television satellite. It is about 6 tonnes of weight and is linked to the orbit of geography.

Many countries travel, because SpaceX is expected to re-use both the side builders and the center of the third mission Falcon Heavy, Program Test Space-2. This plane may occur as early as April, although there are some traps on the right, as there are three rising one-month desirable. Payments for this share share, purchased by the United Kingdom Air Force, and # 39; including six weather search chattels, showcases, and academic projects.

One of the most interesting pays comes from the Planetary Society. The LightSail 2 CubeSat project will try to make sunshine in the sea. Whenever they are in place, the 61cm long spacecraft will be separated from the high level of Falco Heavy rocket and there will be a series of movements to make a smooth way of spreading Mylar to a space of 32 square meters covered. This sail will try to use continuous pressure from a variety of suns to build to higher platforms throughout the Earth.

If the Falcon Heavy center center is not running successfully on a drone vessel after the Arabsat 6A plane, it is unclear how long & he caught SpaceX to do another.

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