After returning officially … First work of "Abdulhafiz" in Ahli


Mahmoud Al-Khatib, board of Al-Ahli's club leaders, decided to define Sayed Abdel-Hafiz, who was a football leader, to hold the membership division at Fort Al-Hamra during the the future.

Khatib asked Sayed Abdel Hafiz to prepare and revise a comprehensive vision of everything within a member's part, with a vision that includes names for the names of the All posts in the department and submit them to the Council within a week.

Earlier, its National Council has stated that it has been published; The committee has released a football committee and thanked Abdul Aziz Al-Shafi (Zizo) and Alaa Abdul-Sadiq, as well as the appointment of Haitham Orabi in a contracting committee; club.

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Mahmoud Al-Khatib, a long session with Sayed Abdul Hafiz before the Council's meeting today, next to the Baadli Al-Qaiyi meeting, a contractor adviser, and Haitham Orabi, a member of the new contracting committee, and Mohammed Fadl, director a & # 39; contracting committee, and Hossam Ghali, Before the new commitments are announced to be distributed after the Council session.

Abdel Hafiz is returning to Al Ahli in the third president's regulatory position, after having been a member of the Portuguese man in Manuel Manuel and then Mohammed Yusuf, and then, left the club and returned again with Jose Jose Peseiro and followed Martin Jol and Hussam Al-Badri before leaving at first The current season, and then back- Again with Mahmoud Khatib's decision.

Mahmoud Al-Khatib published last week that he had taken renewable decisions to restructure a member after losing the team with the African Afghan League after they had Having a chance on Esperance 4/3 in a & # 39; final. The Arabians in Alexandria 3/1, and lost 3/0 in the game at the Rades Stadium in Tunis.

At the session held last Thursday, the Council updated its order to keep track of a football file after the football committee's decision to be distributed. Al-Khatib will add all the suggestions that he has; apply to the bill into the council to vote on and get permission.

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Bébo discusses the movement of Adel Abdurrahman, a youth coach; club, to its first coach of the team, to become a general coach, especially after the recent application to change the equipment after winning League League Champions League for Esperance.

Al-Ahli also considers a formal decision to take on Mohammed Yousif as a football director alone, rather than his current position as a general coach and current director. ball, to give himself to the entire administration situation and to end the recent challenges and emergencies between players.

Mohammed Yousef, the general manager and director of football activity, said on Sunday; Professor Michael Lindeman, the workmaker, retired, saying that the Dutchman will not leave the club, especially since he is formally graduating, saying he has away from the team In the past, he got a holiday to visit his family and encouraged him to be the corporate fitness direction of the team from a Sunday.

It is worth saying that her friend Mohamed Fadl and Hussam Ghali were re-appointed on her; The National Council on Thursday, as a complaint against the inclusion of the Haitham Orabi Communications Committee, where he stopped all efforts made by members of the Council, to abolish this post , First before it recovers the decision.

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