After solving personal problems, Saulius Siparis is doing a new job: Stacy Keach takes action. Names


The latest act of the movie "The Battle of Grunwald" is a pavel Pitera, a Polish documentary film editor, in which S.Siparis celebrated Stacy Keach, a well-known American film and television actor, who won a powerful story of a German Order in the film.

It is an historical documentary program that has a " shows the history of the German army and Latinos and Poland are saying as a great strategic match that competes with different values, interacts with different human feelings and their emotions. show a family secret. As a result of the campaigns that have transmitted medieval media in the film films in Lithuanian and Polish historical venues, their most important losses, Battle of Grunwald. It was likely that no force would continue to continue. defeated the campaigns, but two Lithuania – Jogaila and Vytautas attacked them.

The film, produced in Lithuania with the "Artbox" cinema production company, will be shown on March 1st this year. In the years and the medieval benefits of the documentary, members of the historic reconstructive clubs played special roles played; get the movie loaned and brought forward, according to the XII-XIV centuries. stores of clothes refurbished. It is believed that this is the most interesting history book for all Lithuanian languages.

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