After taking Janković in Paris with a young woman, I had a wife; surrender and still protect it!


What is happening in Ljubljana Mayor Mayor Jankovic and his Mija? Is it hard to be a good man, Zora left her for a single business, or did not want it hard?

The group tells more than a thousand words, and this is also known in the case Mine there Zoran JankovicThe post-Although it seems that it is easy to be locked in video promotion when it was taken to Paris by a young man (read more about HERE), it's cold as a spirit, but his elderly wife is told to reporters after throwing a vote in local elections was convicted.

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Jankovic on the one hand in his pocket, with the other one between the buttons, while Mia's is; behaved guilty. Picture: screenshot

Mia, the first one who took Janković at her & # 39; Vote, who was also a Nova24tv journalist, said her husband was a good father and grandfather. She forgot to add – the man. If it was said, it would be clear to Shlovakia that he was lying, since he was captured in several scandals, when all of them knew. We discussed all the Jankovic women in recent years, in the PHOTO article: Every Jankovic woman, among them, was a seamless MOL That Ficko, which Jankovic gave to Paris. "It's right for the nearest man to seaman. Prekmurka was sometimes at Mercator, when Jankovic got his first term in his home hall, but in 2006 he moved to Her Majesty. She started as a sailor's spokesman, and then the path grew more interwoven; she also stayed faithfulhe went to the state's policy, and was brought to the list by his father and won a great reward, "we wrote among others. We were right, who came out a couple of times ago, when the pictures were Read more about Janković's female SEO SEO SEO

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