After ten years of deprivation, Tamer Hosni and Zina will return to the cinema again


Artist Zina amazed her listeners and followers through her official statement on the social network site on the instagram. She joined Tamer Hosni, who is hanging back to the cinema again through a film that will be merged after ten years.

Zina named the name of her film with the star Tamer Hosni, Hamza, telling the film. She said the film is from the story of Tamer Hosni, scriptwriter, Mohamed Abdel Muti and led by Said El Marouk. Her audiences will pray for her success and her; Welcomes being happy with her collaboration with Tamer Hosni.

Tamer Hosni was first in the cinema with Zeina through "Love", which was with Hani Salameh and Hind Sabri. They cooperated again in "Passion of the Emotional" in 2005. Captain Hema was the last one of them "Introduced in 2008.

On the other hand, Zina finished filming "The Secret History of Kawthar" with the star Laila Alawi, as long as the star Tamer Hosni was on; succeeded by his new album "Aish Bouchoukak", and his final film in the "Suit" cinema, as well as announcing his partnership In introducing the Arabic version of the film "Spider Man" through his voice.

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