After that, police will be rewarding good drivers


In January 2018, the government explained how an award could be made to good drivers. Good news, he started!

Getting a ticket any time is not pleasant, especially when it comes to paying points right and losing … Fortunately, it doesn't happen all the time!

So learning in January 2018 proved that the government's plans for “good drivers” were excellent. More than that, since then, nothing has been done until at least 11 March! In fact, in a report produced by France 3 Auvergne Rhône-Alpes, we find that geoparks in the Ardèche climb some good drivers as illustrated in the pictures above. .

How does it work?

In the French section 3 section, we find out two stumps – in a normal car – follow a driver for 15 minutes to prove that he really respected the rules of the road. After this "pursuit", the gendarmes stop the driver, confirming his papers before he puts on a good news! If the luck is lucky, the driver will be attracted and can win up to 250 €. What influences the worst locations to monitor their behavior.

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