After the big news in science: Is it moral to change our children's genitive?


Scientist of China, He Jianguy, said that his first child had changed genitally to the world. The technology behind this, the CRISPR generator, has already had several successes in the DNA change of plants and animals, but has not been used to humans so far.

Jiangkou has used the technology to create a child that is anti-HIV virus. Many scientists make sure that, in general, many of the diseases are erased by genetic change. Others say that technology can be used to be harder and more efficient.

Scientists have also made critics worried about the unprecedented situations that may arise due to genealogy engineering on humans – what happens if a victim of a senior army Special articles, or over a period of lack of DNA in the generations of people with a modified genome.

The importance of the achievement of the Chinese scientist is so great that he is very much disturbing everyone. In addition to scientific, the morality of the question is. That's why wants his readers a lot.

Is it moral to change our children?

Yes, because it develops their personal features

And, we will stop many diseases

No, because unforeseen outcomes can happen over time

No, we do not have to resist nature

I can not judge

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