After the last climb, the dollar starts in a low – 11/26/2018


After the strong climb of more than one piece that closed on Friday, the dollar started the stable week to go down 7 cents, at $ 38.43, in line with the Central Bank average. In the Nation it was sold at $ 38.25, about 20 cents less than the last closure.

On the other hand, the big salesman, after he started to a low level, now put a 55 cents jump, to $ 38.05. This market is where banks, large companies and the Central Bank are operating, and their contribution affects the sales channel, where the freedom is; buy.

The jump jumped from more than one pass, or almost 3%, which showed the dollar in the wheel on Friday, some of the warnings between users and monitors. That day, the money was $ 1.07 and ended at $ 38.51.

Is the exchange rate completed? Did the levels of interest go down rapidly? Did the people who were "transported" carry profits? Does a climate already pre-select a & # 39; Start playing in & # 39; explained on investments? All of these questions are circulated on Friday and certainly restated on Monday, when activities start.

Also, Monday You will have a full mention of Wall Street, who did not run on Thursday on Thursday and made a semi-road through the gratitude of Thanksgiving.

On Friday, the penalty fell, but in general Every money that came up was valued against the dollar. This Monday, with markets usually works, may be oversight of a higher level of supply; foreign currency to provide an application and that local market price will not be as high.

With the re-distribution of the dollar, which lasted throughout the week, the largest market exchange rate there was almost 4% above the floor of its exchange band, who came to fight against November 15.

The executives are certainly unsure as it is some of the variables are unhappy to accompany the decline in the exchange rate and rates since the program started funding in October.

Price is being stressed debt bonds they did not accompany that change of pleasure, so the pay levels of those papers – which are in the threat at the country's threat – are not difficult to go down, which is still a worrying news.

Both the Finance Ministry and the Central Bank are reluctant, when they know about their first private data (or advances) Inflation of November They always tend to change. Those who are already outlining figures that may be & # 39; Providing less than 3% for the month to be completed and closer to 2% in December.

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