After the Mid Bank, the dollar will fall to R $ 3.87


Bank work has been carried out; Central stadium on Tuesday (27) series of five consecutive upsets of American money. The comparable dollar 1.04%, which was announced at R $ 3.8768 closed for sale.

The performance of the BC was held after the US money had a 4.75% collection of assessment with the series of five ups, consolidating an increase of 18.23% per annum. The $ 2 billion Fair Bank sold in repurchase business, called line rockets.

Stock Exchange

B3 index of São Paulo Stock Exchange (Bovespa) Stock Exchange of 2.74% today, with 87,891 points, after two consecutive injuries have been recorded in the past. The CB indexes collected yesterday's fall of 0.79%, with 85,546 points.

In today's trading session, stocks of large companies, called the blue team, increased by Petrobras up 5.32%, 3.5% growing up and 3.8% of Brades.

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