After the second car; said in the IPL, Russell said


At the beginning of the IPL, Andre Russell is at the top of the form. Kolkata Knight Riders (KKR) has won many victories in the first two games. Normally, the series of two games won by the Caribbean Big Heater.

Russell won the match award but this is not the car really. Lots of toy car adapted for awards

After handwriting he said in laughter, he said, the garage is likely to be larger. Although we can return to the hotel at the end of the day. The boys played well

On Wednesday, Kolkata was the game against Kings XI Punjab. Chris Gayle, a West Indies team in Russia, was in the opposition team. He also picked up the wicket of the batting giant. Gayle got 13 of the 13 balls and Gayle won the winning prizes in the game. Before he was terrible, Rasel returned to accepting Kristnan Krishnan.

Gayle is a little different from stopping distribution. This has reduced the Punjab run. Their team also won the KKR. Russell also praised mythical tales.

The Caribbean collector said Gayle is similar to my older brother. It is uncompromising to go out of the first six six. We had it in the plan, to get it faster. I hit six times more in a bat than I did today. But it is possible to play pictures more than me.

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