After the strike has been in front of the strike? Union maintains itself


After the strike has been in front of the strike? Union maintains itself

Vienna. There were 100,000 passengers hitting yesterday with a railway strike alarm strike

Photograph: APA

Representatives of the life union and the employer also spoke yesterday at midnight, while & # 39; the two hour alarm strike had long started. But nothing came out. Auer, 100,000 passengers needed to worry about surrender and training.

In the ninth part of discussions, in which yesterday's luncheon workers, were led by his & her; Roman leader of Hebenstreit and employee, with spokesman Thomas Scheiber. The two sides did not come closer. "The union put an end to the offer," said Scheiber later. Hebenstreit alongside, "the offer has not been improved to the lowest line".

In a statement, the union added then: "Speaking too much offers that will disturb any description and a joke." The union criticized attempts to fear and see this as a result of government change. "He has been very talented in this country," said Hebenstreit.

The demands from the representatives of employers who disturb the union's side. For example, the minimum age of train drivers should be reduced from 21 to 19 years.

Meetings will meet within

There is no date for a tenth round of discussions. Name the two sides after completing the talks, now submitting the internal committees for discussion. On the side of life that will happen within 48 hours, so Hebenstreit. The union leader did not get more strike strike: "The next step after the strike strike strike, but we did not yet reach it."

Scheiber said they would try again to "what room we have for arranging". "When that happens, there will be more speeches."

There were 670 trains, 70 of them in long-term slaughter of traffic. Across Austria there was a large Verspension, which was broken by BB at 16 clocks for a majority.

The campaigns and the delay of Zgen were the passengers' passengers; Linz's main station with local survey. Many people who had been planning a tour were donated by media reports. They could make it a delay. Others had stopped the trip or moved to another mode of travel.

The choice of other options was already obvious in the morning when the car was going to Linz stronger than it was; usual. Committees need to use their own car and also caroplan. In Upper Austria, the station stopped 110 train altogether. Six connections have been taken over by a railway renewal service on mail buses.

Linz railway station

The mid lined waiting room at Central Linz Station. Passengers were carrying on the front of the skipboard, and # 39; Responding very much but calmly to the trips: Christine sent from Weyer, for example, 85 kilometers in a car to Linz for her son: "After that, we had been ahead of us and could we planned. So we still took the opportunity to watch the Christmas market. "

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