After the title, "Block Block 2" wants you to return to the White House! Not only a bird that is an enemy, but also "DELTA-03" 4Gamers


Tom Clancy's "Section 2" has been launched since the 7th afternoon, for the 30-degree professional content test yesterday, the process knowledge is good or bad, but After a few years of being & # 39 ; cleansing, it is true that knowledge of the second generation has changed as a response to past knowledge.

Indeed, since the game is still in the development phase, the current UI and UX designs are better based on the homepage converter. The PC version is not so interesting about control and multi-party situations through the test, and the quality of the link seems to be under pressure. During the test stage, the interconnection promotes many friends but only editors.

If you are a friend of friends that this closed test did not fall, it is not possible, you may not be happy to go back to the "DELTA-03" potato server. However, there is no need for a lot of worry. After that, the official opening ceremony said the disconnection is common practice during the test. First, let the server warm up the test. After the official list, rely on the fries server (?).

The following content will be used as a reference to the players outside their game during their own play. It should be noted, and remember that the whole knowledge is only for the content of the mini-test, it will focus on the changes and the changes to its 2-generation game. In relation to the objections to the disconnection, I am going to; believe that the Ubisoft Xiaobian squad team knows.

First plot

In this test, the player still participates in the Department's representative, and Understanding that White House was based with the JTF company, the players need to resist the White House and be able to face some of the NPP groups early.

It is worth saying that the original players meet two women, one of which is injured by Odyssa Sawyer (black woman), and the other is the senior agent Arane Kelso who challenges the group hyena only. Asian Women), the story about them helps them to reconstruct the security of the settlement near the White House. I would not talk about the information here, and I do not. keep the players in the official fashion.

There is no medical device, now called "armor pack"

Come and take the weapons pack! That's right, going out and & # 39; blame, a weapon pack is comfortable. The largest difference with the past generation is the apportionment in "health value" and "military value". The white square is above the armor level. When the battle is ruined, the army will be cut first, and their health will be reduced.

In the absence of a barrier, weapons and life will quickly recover, but if the military does not; recovering automatically into the battle, can only be returned with weapons packs. Especially, players can carry up to 6 weapons packs. Although there is no medical device, the "surviving expert" can be handled by changing the drown and even recovering the armor value.

Drones may be given to medical staff

The impact of its player protection protection is enhanced by the weapon connected to a device; player. The simple rigid weapons and numerous decrease before being abolished are used to evaluate the protection of its player in a more reasonable way.

The bullets of professional professional weapons are very valuable.

Ubisoft opened a 30-degree final experience in the 9th February test, which featured a copy of Jefferson's Trade Center and three posts; opened up, and is "Precision Shooter", "Survival Expert" and "Blasting Expert". The professional was proven by the players of Show Game Taipei this year.

In fact, the characteristics of each post are the fourth special weapons, such as the high-grade rifle sniper rifle rifle, bullet can beat bullets of length, while a flawless vocalist is a detrimental effect of a vocalist and control, for Effective handling of the superficial gold armor.

In addition, the skills of each different professional specialization, such as the living expert drone, can be converted to a topical device, the administrative mine can be converted into a thermal wall; The skeleton's machine gun tower can unambiguously change the sniper gun's gun, and a knitting gun tower, can be converted into a small job beginner, and the player can control the place where be the enemy.

Not only does specialization change their special weapons, but also change the characteristics of the skill.

However, although special weapons are easy to use, the bullets can not be filled from the general procurement box. Players must be able to temporarily stop during the copy time, and the opportunities are not high. Depending on the information that has a special copy of the side editors, there are only 2 hours of the page editor; weapons (just 2 copies per hour) is used in the entire game, and the army is full of 6 walks. If you finish the fight in advance and you will not get the army, BOSS The war is very tough.

The weapon's red special weapon is the weapon

In general, the complexity of professional specialism is far more interesting than the previous game, which is also the case; confirm that the development team is the result of the game from the final content.

※ There are 8 specialties. There are only three open and closed exams, including mines, drones and guns.

Final Devil Finishing Test

I have to mention that I think the friends know the game before the half-half of the "hunting". In this test, we really see the end of the problem. When you have arms up and down, carrying a gun of gold, taking the gold armor in your forehead, there is no way, you will find that it is not possible to use its & # 39; previous help game.

The second generation of heavy armor enemies is the boundary of the devil

2 Jefferson's Trade Center has a hard copy, it is deadly that all red and round red enemies, without increasing the size of purple military blood, a weapon of gold weapons, also have their own specialized work, some of them launching the Obis Soldiers, some of them always drain to bomb the engineers to bomb the machine, and even more difficult to attack. trying to hold a medical force to keep the next enemy again.

When all of these enemies appear before you, you need to know that the first shotguns in the hands of the four players are screened and the enemy will not be killed. It is the control of the Raiders who are in control and control. Players need to make a good use of their skills, and # 39; using drones and tool guns to include machine guns, and & # 39; using lightweight guns to prevent enemies, and spiners are responsible for collecting the most difficult targets on the fire.

The medical soldier has a cross signal on the blood line, which is a high priority fire target.

In addition, the most dangerous thing of armed warriors is terrible with high armies. Some of the warriors become a type of sniper, and others are fire. Whatever version, it's very dangerous. Target, as the common fire bullets are hard to cause damage.

Decision: I look forward to the fear of Delta-03 of "Environment 2 Abstraction"

Sadly, to experience this test, compares between the damage of the army (DPS) and the value of the device's abilities is not as impressive as the previous one. Even with a & # 39; The function is to co-ordinate the move, it is difficult to compare the result of the consequent damage of different types of gun. It is really more inconvenient.

Although the "DELTA-03" relationship has not been done over time, it has been well-repaired, "Environmental Abstraction 2" showed a final knowledge between the one who had been " Previously, the story is the last story that is still alive, a different echo, souvenirs Events and branch offices can be done for your process of updating without clothing. (Sorry, I'm not going to include this dark area right now, but the dark place has an additional props that can be fitted without defamation )

Finally, some people may want the second generation map to be slightly smaller than the previous ones. The reason for a & # 39; This part is largely due to the dark section of three blocks, whether there is a PvE content. In addition to that, according to the official closing test movie, when the player is up to 30 degrees, the White House fell again, and the enemy's "black teeth" on firepower weapons.

The Washington D.C production to the delegates.

Tom Clancy Section 2 is available on the Epic Games and Uplay Shop on March 15, 2019.

NPC is a real beauty.

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