After the Wow fall: What to do for passengers


All 29 aircraft were canceled for Thursday, and some 2,700 passengers were asked to seek another route to reach their destination, reporting Wow on their website.

“We have a lack of time and, unfortunately, we were unable to secure funding for the company,” said Skul Mogensen, chairman of the company, in his letter to the staff. to take previous steps. "

In recent months, he has been working hard to save the airline he set up in 2011: he edited with conductors in action, including the competition operator. T biggest, Icelandair, and private debt company Indigo Partners. This week, Wow has spent time when the retailers have agreed to agree to turn their debts into ordinary shares, saying that the airline has offered $ 160 million. . A radical change plan for the US dollar value.

The Iceland division leveraged with up to 28 per cent. after the above adverts, and a little later on Thursdays on noon, its benefit to the value of stock was about 14 per cent.

Negotiations have declined

Wow has already announced a "final tour of conversations" by a group of exchangers with debt. Passengers were advised to delay the journey until the documents with all interested parties were completed.

How do I get to my destination?

Passengers are encouraged to check for suitable trips by other airlines. Some companies could offer lower prices, known as “rescue tickets”, due to the circumstances. The details of these airlines will be announced as soon as available and there will be a report on the Wow Air website.

Along with Icelandair, Wow has been heavily involved in the ten-year anniversary of the Icelandic tourism industry, which is currently bringing the biggest share of the country's exports. .

Last year the airlines put more than 3.5 million. traveling people. The harsh economic crisis weakened (Icelandic's money fell by just 1.44% on Thursday), which forced the country government to convene a number of meetings to decide not to save airlines from money t license fee payers.

According to the Keflavik International Airport (KEF) operator, it is likely that the number of visitors visiting Iceland will decrease for the first time this year in a decade. According to economist Arion Banki, Stefano Gudjonsson, Wow sent down a flow of tourists about 16%. in 2019.

"This message has influenced the IT department in a favorable future for the Icelandic tourism industry, which is now preparing for the new season," said Br. Gudjonsoon.

Economic impact

In the most recent forecasts of Arion, under these circumstances, the domestic domestic output may contribute 1.9%, although his colleague, Jonas Bjarkis Benson, has drawn inspiration from the islands' hopes.

"Crohn has already fallen between about 11 to 12 per cent, and if this is the case, the companies and the government expect to do so," said Bjark Benson.

The Finance Minister Bjarn Benedictson has already said that the government is ready to consider measures to support an industry.

If Wow fell down, it would be the eighth European plane defeated from the previous year. VLM airlines in Belgium announced that it was withdrawn in August last year; At the time, Switzerland also removed Skywork Airlines AG to stop. Last September, a small planet from the Great Planet uncovered a scourge, by Azur Working at the same time as the European flag of European Primera Falling on 1 October.

Recently, in February this year, Germania and the UK regional air company Flybmi also ceased to work.

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