After this death baptism in December, 18 students have gone to; KUL exclusion risk


The university center will control the control of each partner's place. The methods used by the Deputy Head of the Department of Medicine, Chantal Van Audenhove, cause criticism. " The Vice President plays both the judging judge, the procurator and the judge. And based on an amateur report is totally uncertain "One person says.

A civil engineering student in Edegem, Sanda Dia, died on 5 December after a completely dangerous christening for two days in Vorselaar. He had to sit sneezed in a sack for hours and drink a lot of fish seeds. " My son Sanda saw her dying on her side Tell us our colleagues from Nieuwsblad, Johan Denil, Victor's father (19).

He did not give up the warning

Wounded on his sad baptism, Victor had to be treated at the hospital. On the afternoon of his first test in January, he received a letter asking him to appear before the institution's Disciplinary Board, unfortunately due to his friends. He is alleged that Victor has been exposed in a time, which could interfere with the death of Sanda. It will endanger & # 39; eliminate boundaries until the end of the year.

Appointed before the disciplinary council, the students involved involved that they could say themselves freely. The Deputy Chief Executive was responsible for preparing these reports, within the police review. The document must be a guide to the Disciplinary Board.

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