After Ultima Thule Flyby, New Horizons will stop data data


After Ultima Thule Flyby, New Horizons will stop data data

Much 2014 stereoscopic vision was completed with some of the first data from the Kuiper Belt New Horizons route.

Belief: NASA / University of Johns Hopkins Laboratory Physics Applied / Southwest Research Institute

The New Horizons spaceship flew yesterday (January 4), but it is expected to be in touch, and scientists will have enough information to keep them busy at & # 39 ; war, the mission staff said in a news conference held 3 West-

The bi-lingual data lasts for five days, Alan Stern, the last Southwest Research Institute, said when the event, which was held to publish new publications on the Kuiper Belt theme. The probe has visited, 2014 is the MU69 2014 and the one named Ultima Thule. It is expected that spacecraft will start again on Jan. 10.

The transition was encouraged by the place where a spacecraft is on the other side of the sun, which is a creating interventions that will prevent the release of data back to Earth through wavelengths. (This is not a special problem; Parker Solar Probe knows that, although billions of miles away from New Horizons, download crackdown for the same reason.)

Once New and New Horizons have a & # 39; sun more favorable alignment, the service will start data – although it will not be fast. Everyone said, it will take about 20 months for the data being captured at the moment of the revision to the Earth. That data includes "typically hundreds of images and spyware and other data types," Stern promised.

But just because new data does not have a & # 39; coming in does not mean that scientists will be able to. to crack their chips. "Even though the spacecraft is behind the sun, the science team continued to work on our data," said Stern during the news conference.

The company will meet again about two weeks, after the discharge was repeated, reviewing what they got in the Earth data and the first data on downloading. "I hope there's a good news, so you'll have to hear it recently in a few weeks with the things that have added to what we've learned about this amazing place," said Stern.

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