After years, Hedvigy Malinova closed his case


The Treasury Office closed the Prosecutor of Raibeartko-Moson-Sopron to investigate the case of an elderly citizen of the Slovak Republic, Hedvigy Malinova Žáková, who began the Slovak authorities to suspect crime and other crimes, and the Slovak party passed over to the Hungarian authorities in 2016.

The MIT news group, Péter Takács, informed the procurator of the area on Thursday. "Due to evidence and proofing methods, it is impossible to say that Hedvigu Malinová did not attack Žák. It is still impossible for it & # 39; s give evidence. No results can be expected in the continuity of the investigation. The Finance Office opposed criminal offenses because this was the only reasonable and legal solution, "said the procurator's statement.

The Office of Vice President of Hungary expanded on May 11 the survey time for its & # 39; fifth time. Treasurer Katalin Gálová said she had expanded the search until 11 September 2018.

Malinová Žáková District Court in Hungary in Nitra, February 2016, asked Hedviga Malinová to prosecute a crime complaint against the Hungarian authorities. Tomáš Borec, then, was a spokesman on March 17th. The Hungarian High Court decided to take action on 27 December 2016 and was assigned to the Emergency Center Office at Robert-Moson-Sopron County.

The case of Hedwig Malinova Žáková was withdrawn from August 2006 when she told the police that she was attacking two men in Nitra for her. speak Hungarian. Police inquiries have been posted on; case was completed by month, due to the fact that the activity had not occurred, and the students of Constantinian Philosophical University learned. Since May 2007, he was arrested for promise and oath.

General Finance Office Chief Representative submitted by the accident by Hedvig Malinová Žák on 2 April 2014. The Nitra District Court refused to act for breach of the right of protection. The General Center Office should be sure to translate its prosecution into Hungary. Hedviga Malinová Žáková had a legal right on this because he is a citizen from Hungary since 2013. The Finance Office refused here, his definition, after being able to do so. repeat the conviction "it is not desirable to make a decision because it is only a party in affairs".

The Nitra Regional Court took the trial in February 2015 and returned this criminal case to the District Court for more cases.

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