Again Mendoza opens the doors


In the middle of a dispute that is a? stay by stopping it final of the Libertadores Cup between the River and Boca, due to events of public information, the Mendoza Governmentand they got into the debate.

Governor Alfredo Cornejo, through his Twitter account, put it in to the divide for its & # 39; an overwhelming game, which followed the historians of the classics that featured; fight against Malvinas Argentinas.

Cornejo Message

"Gentlemen @ CONMEBOL @ TanoAngelici and @RodolfoDonofrio, I recommend that you play the final game at Copa Libertadores de América in Mendoza. The form would be the same to be done in Buenos Aires, not only by the people of the River, who guarantee the security of the meeting, "the tweet published by Mendoza paper. This story began on Saturday when Mendoza's Minister of Security, Gianni Venier, published the havehtag "#SuperCopaenMendoza #RiverBoca" in his small bird account.

Yesterday, before the government asked him Mendoza has been headquarters, Public Administrator and State Editor, Ulpiano Suárez, published: "The final Mendoza of the Libertadores can be organized by all security that needs an event of this species."

For now, we have to wait for a meeting between tomorrow Rodolfo D 'Onofrio, Daniel Angelici and Alejandro Domínguez, the owner of Conmebol, to find out what's happening and if it's possible to go to it; This meeting will be held in our area.

However, Néstor Majul, Secretariat of the Ministry of Security Institute of Communications, Cornejo's message: "As we talk about playing in a neutral stadium, the game between River and Boca has offered that it can be done in Mendoza, since we have continued to have shown national exhibitions and internationally, and everyone goes on well, "he said.

"He played the Argentine National Team for being involved in the face of Uruguay, as well as the final of Argentine Supercup between the River and Boca, with both the public, the final of Argentine Cup and Another "complicated" game as Boca-Rosario Central. That is to say, we are qualified for the achievement of these events, "he said. And he made it clear:" We do not say but they decide the situation they are thinking about Mendoza is a way to do that. "

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