Again the Uber Hunt: they believed that the girlfriend was the driver of the app and they attacked them – 02/11/2019


Katherine was waiting for her lover to build up with Avenida del Libertador and Paseo de la Infanta, in Palermo, when she was Often some people, who thought his lover was a driver for Uber.

"No Uber, I tell you that it is my partner, "Katherine shouted and again, and filmed her by telephoning her choice , when taxi drivers could be involved in detecting and attacking the drivers of the application.

It was 2:30 a.m. Katherine was standing on the corner, waiting for her sweetheart. Together, they returned to Vicente López. "I was not the only one they were threatening, two girls came to me, they decided to leave because they were waiting for Uber, not , "write it later I had already uploaded the film to social networks.

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During the wait it seemed like phrases "Skin, do you ask for Uber? Go, take it". But everything was getting worse when his companion came: one of the invaders benefited from his / her; The case had an open door door to come and warned that Uber's driver's work was "illegal and that he was going to call the police". And despite that she and her lover followed her; rejecting the allegations, answered the invasion: "We're in a database".

Another man, corpulent, with a lock-barbed beard and a River Plate shirt, which was marked in the & video, worst: "Do you want to go with a broken car? We will break its & # 39; car and I'm going a bit"he said to his companion, and she sent her cell phone away.

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"This is a public scanner, I want to go ahead, to find out how the taxi mafia is, they do not feel if your woman is better, because they are Thinking that we are not going to defend ourselves. I'm last night, it's every day because they're tough, "Katherine wrote. And he asked "keep the writing of those who believe on the law."

Hours later, when he had millions of video prints, in conversation with TN, he clarified that he had not happened in Avenida del Libertador. happening for the first time: "It is the third program. The first was with my daughters. He shot us in a car and said: "Are you young, I'll put you in the database and where our painter was put on his own".


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