It was Saturday night; when LSU put Ed Orgeron's coach with Gatorade, and Sunday morning when the Tigers lost, a very short seven weeks and 91 points later.

Texas A & M 74, LSU 72 – in football, not basketball, and you knew he would be a half-LSU guilty of every seven who could be. The game was so long … good, how long was it? Well, Texas A & M was in the Big 12 Conference when the game started. It was so long … It's a good thing that the Aggies do not have a & # 39; Jimbo Fisher paid before.

It was 31-24 with just two seconds left when the Tigers dropped just a few gallons of sugar on the head of Orgeron, and the LSU head coach carried the shell for the next time in memory how close & and his team came to lock a spot in the New Year's Six Bowl. But A & M quarterback Kellen Mond toll touched a 19-tunnel touchdown strike when the time passed to give a pre-time delivery. And then …

LSU range resource for 34-31. A & M connects it, 34-34. Second half time Run over a World. LSU runs running. Third more. Joe Burrow quarterback LSU is overwhelming and the Tigers will be overwhelming. turn the two points. A & M Answers for 49-49. LSU fans ask each other: Let me, what happened here?

Shared field aims to demolish the score at 52-52. Water breaking. The eleven pre-time began again with a play: Orgeron and LSU sent out their copy for 58-52 but to loss are turned. Do not worry – A & M would have to touch touchdown but only need the two points. It was 66-58, then 66-66. LSU opened seventh and final time with touchdown final, made 72-66. Then a World would cast another game, a quarter in play over time and a sixth in general, to match the game at 72-72. Then, Kendrick Rogers was given the game to win the game. Last: 74-72.

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The highest game in the history of Football Subdivision at 146 points, Grab the previous record of 139 points set up in the West 71-68 Michigan match in Buffalo for a year ago, too in a premature time. The LSU's 72 points are the biggest ones in the attempt to lose. The Tigers had spread 79 points together in the previous four SEC games.

It is the college football, and is the SEC, and is resolved, and it is seven weeks, so you knew there would be a dispute. LSU had questions with two movements in particular, both in the final of Aggies game driving to complete control.

On the one hand, LSU believed that he had succeeded in winning Mond intercepted, only that referees had; reviewing the play and calling that World yachts had been on the turf when it got a low loop, finish playing. And after the World spiked the member after a long turn down a verse, a review noted that there was still one page on the clock. LSU players who had just returned the Orgeron and Gatorade blade to the field for other play. A transit, A & M; and we were giving extra time.


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