Aghiri Assistant: 7 professionals in Qatar are ready to spend an Egyptian shirt


Tito Garcia, national team coach and assistant Javier Aguirre, confirmed that he has been a favorite of overseas Egyptian players who are in Europe or in Arabic, who continue to in the past few months.

"I traveled to Qatar and I saw seven Egyptian players, which are all suited to an Egyptian team," said Garcia in an interview with On Sport.

He also said that it is difficult to introduce these players, and show that the Qatari team that wins the Asian Cup is a It includes three original Italian players and is not suitable to enter the Egyptian team.

He explained that his work focuses mainly on the knowledge of the players in different web pages, so the seventh of the players in Qatar and to talk to them.

He said that the seven players in Qatar are ready to be with the Egyptian team, saying their role is limited to visit them and watch them in training and games to find out their real level, but At the end the decision is in the hands of a coach Javier Aguirre.

He concluded: "A player in the seven players in Qatar is not suitable for playing in general with Egypt under the senior level of the Egyptian team at present, and is not a cocktail player from abroad and be the same as the player in the league. "

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