Agora sat down at the table with the banks. The company requests PLN 500 million for deposits and obtain


A guide for Agora, owner, among others "Gazeta Wyborcza", together with its subsidiary undertakings, began discussions with a consortium of fundable banks in the sum of PLN 500 million. The amount of money raised will be used for investments and acquisition.

Agora takes over Eurozet. A contract was awarded to the original contract

SFS Ventures and Agora have entered into a 100% contract for start up and commitment. Eurozet regions, adopted by Agora over 40%. …

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In the company's stock exchange call, we read that the Agora capital group has started with discussions with a consortium of banks aimed at 'getting credit, investing in funding or re-financing construction costs'. The Agora group's investment, consistent with the business strategy for 2018-22, as well as funding working capital and shared corporate objectives.

Agora plans to borrow a 500m PLN.

On 20 February, Agora said that, together with SFS Ventures, they had negotiated an initial purchase and promise agreement to purchase 100%. Eurozet regions, adopted by Agora over 40%. sections of the group for PLN 130.75 million.

The Eurozet group includes Radio ZET, Antyradio, Meloradio and Chillizet as well as websites, as well as a radio and television commercial ZET Studio and the Eurozet Live event.



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