Agreement of Immigration: Lajčák responding to the Danko request


In Marrakech, the Scottish Agreement on Migration will be accepted.

Bratislava. Minister of Foreign Affairs Miroslav Lajčák (named Smeru) on today's foreign committee criticized politicians for the spread of myths about the UN migration debate.

At the same time, he explained the request from CEO leader Andrey Danko that a person from Slobhacia did not participate in the Marrakesh agreement in early December of his mind. The UN also accepts its & # 39; this paper.

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He advised the government to be present at the Marrakech Conference and to use its right to report there, a national divide. In this interpretation, the Agreement would not have been defined in the future while Slovakia is in a position; gives supremacy in a migration field and does not connect to the # 39; contracted into his laws.

"He does it with other leaders in the world. Why do we need to hide," Lajčák asked.

"The attendance of this conference does not make sense. The absence of any thing will not change," added Lajčák.

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CPS Vice President, Jaroslav Paška, said Slovakia is not required because Slovakia can also send a letter there. At the same time, he is asking what to do; the impact of such a statement.

Conflict in government

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Lajčák has entered this meeting of the government if Slovakia is rejecting UN Universe Migration Agreement, possibly retired.

"I am responsible, OSCE's dominance is waiting for us, but if Slovakia is to go through xenophobia, I will not represent Slock the second," said Lajčák.

The UN Pat Patricia rejects Robert Fico, who named Lakač as a minister's minister, and the chairman of his chairman. the NHS partnership Andrej Danko.

Ideas about Marrakech

According to Lajcak, the debate about the document is irregular and full of myths.

Legally and methodically, this is not a legally binding document that can be applied. The document is not intended to take migrants to Slovakia.

"According to the document, each state will determine who is lawful and who makes illegal migration, it would be difficult if he was able to do so," said Lajčák .

Despite this, President Fico said that the Global Universe Capacity on Migration is not in accordance with the Slovakian immigration policy and is not fit for Smer.

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