Agreement was reached with pupils and healthcare and social care staff, Pokivas talks were tired


"This is the ever-ever ambition that the government made," he said.

It was expected that the strike agreement would begin on Wednesday with Slovenia's Education, Education, Science and Culture Trade Union, Slovenia Health and Social Care Union and the Union of Healthcare Services in China.

In the meantime, it co-ordinates with the commissioning of strike committees; is a leading trade union organization Jakob Počivavšek, there has been an increase in today. According to Počivavšek, the main issue of how we deal with "the broken relationships that may be caused by the disagreement which the government agrees with some unions craft ".

That is, the government listens to school arguments and health unions, as well as that. i. Broadband rates for one or three salary classes that would be relevant to the public sector, agreeing higher salaries for the individual jobs of teachers and nurses in the workplace most difficult (intensive medicine III and e-mail).

According to Pogačar, now in the Počivaška group they are now calling for additional posts to be registered from their side in the next year. However, according to Pogačar's statements, he does not know how many of them, who they are, and what financial implications would be. He said that the government can not agree such a commitment in the strike agreement.

Salaries in the public sector are higher as early as January 1?

Pogačar is still hoping that this band will also listen to government arguments, as well as other trade union organizations.

"In this way, we can make sure that public employees get salaries higher by January 1, and that's just the ones we most need at an estimate," a & # 39; emphasizing Pogačar, saying that only the Počivavšek group can block them.

A majority of union justice is required to implement the agreement, as a quorum needs the changes in the general agreement for the public sector.

He is a president of a health and social care union Zvonko Vukadinovič Remember that there are two craftsmen for the effectiveness of this general agreement, and # 39; first number with trade unions, the second with a membership number. And the second Union of Trade Unions in the public sector of Shlovakia, which includes both health and medical care unions, met, he said.

However, they will invite other craftsmen, who also represent staff in health and social care, to sign the agreed agreement. As he said, they have reached an agreement, which will also give the staff a great deal.

In fact, they did not achieve everything they wanted, but they agreed to those solutions that are reasonable. At payroll increases, they also agree to increase some jobs for night, holidays and Sunday work, as well as a higher route for those with lower or lower salaries, such as So they'll get around 200 jew this year.

It is estimated that the similar output, which would be the same. related to the entire public sector, about 300 million euro after unofficial information.

Although the government invited all national union craftsmen in the afternoon, as well as Počivavšek, the police unions did not attend.

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