Agrorezort introduced the 30 million project: it is to support agricultural production


The level of state support is based on the current use of diesel fuel, ie on the operating signals of the use of devices and cost indicators. A total of EUR 30 million has been identified for its project and farmers will receive funding after their project; first call in the third quarter of the next year. Minister for Agriculture of the Slovak Republic Gabriela Matecna told Wednesday.

"The green diesel project monitors the maintenance of primary school produce in Slovakia, which reduces the export of key materials and thus a reduction in foreign trade balance. We will help to improve our competitiveness, food makers and we will also expect a higher proportion of home shops. The Green Diesel project also helps us with what we say about the agricultural benefits of the agricultural sector such as the produce of the soil, preserving Water, good climate, disorders of illness and new erosion. Agriculture of the region has a huge multiplication effect, which also affects other areas such as engineering, chemical, food, commerce or services. , the money based in the green diesel project will return to Slocoa several times, " Gabriela Matecna explained.

The project that is introduced includes a refund of taxation on mineral oil, supporting farmers for some of the costs associated with each diesel liqueur. There is no automated subsidy throughout the country, but support for agricultural businesses that do not, The use of agricultural uses is a special and specialized plant production and stock product. Its impact is expected at & # 39; project, as well as maintaining primary produce, increased employment in the sectors, as well as raising self-confidence and food safety.

The level of state support is based on the current use of diesel fuel, ie on the operating signals of the use of devices and cost indicators. The Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development (MPRV) has already begun its data collection on agricultural technology in Slovakia, focus on identifying its age structure and its & # 39; Performing marks of selected automated devices. "The level of State aid will be measured from the maximum amount of diesel fuel consumption and the highest level of comparing the level of gas duty for gas oil for the worrying dollar," Ministry of Agriculture Ministry of Regional Development and Public Works Štefan Ryba said. If yes, for example, a farmer grows a pear tree of a 129 hectares area, usually based 244.78 l / ha and an electric gas tax tax of € 0.347 / l, and get state aid of almost € 11,000.

In crop production, help will be made to grow fruit, vegetables, potatoes, curbs, sugary beans, soybean, crumbs, nets, chromos, plants, spices and medicines. In livestock production, cattle, pigs, sheep, goats, horses and hens will be supported.

The Slovakic Health and Food Chamber (SPPK) welcomes her & her; the Green Diesel project. According to the Chamber, financial support in the sum of 30 million million can make a real revival of Slovakia agriculture, which needs to be in the same European market position to & # 39 ; its competitiveness increase. "It is a very good message that we do not turn back the country, that we also want to promote higher employment or new soil that is associated with the number of animals, severe contamination or variety of plants and fruit. This is why the green green diesel project for the Slovenian country is " SPPK Chairman Emil Macho said.

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