Ahli officially asked Mahmoud Wahid


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Al – Ahli: Al-Ahly asks that Mahmoud Wahid officially appears from the Masrawy site, on Sunday 18 November 2018.

Books – Abdel Rahman Tariq:

Mohamed Magd, the general director of his football club in Egypt, confirmed that he would like to. his club Ahmed Al Shaikh was included in Al-Ahli during the next winter movement.

Majd commented on Masrawi that the Sheikh is a member of Egypt's cleansing and he will be very strong for the team if he goes with him.

He said he continued with his player and showed an initial agreement to return to herring again in January.

He said the president of the club, Mohamed Abdel Salam, will be Talk to Ahli to get the player within the hours.

"We received a bid from Al Ahly to come to Mahmoud Waheed in January but is still being investigated," he said.

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