Ahli starts steps to delete «Carteron»


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Ahli is starting steps to remove the «Cartier» from Egypt's site today, Sunday, November 18, 2018.

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Al Ahli's club officers began to take a new technical director to contract and overseen Patrice Cartieron, the team's technical director, he left Al Wasl against the UAE at the 16th tour of the Arab Competition, which will be held next Thursday in the UAE.

Mohammed Yousuf, the general manager of the team, is removed from the technical activities, and sent one of the names announced at the last meeting of the Board of Directors by Carteron, for his be aware of a long and very short time, and to be in line with the new technical director, Al-Ahli needed to do so. Amongst the most important advocates, Adel Abdulrahman, a former Al-Ahly player was a technical driver only in a number of Saudi clubs, who could experience the team's head in order to put a new technical director up.

The board of directors held a meeting yesterday's club and the newspaper is ready for printing, and he has reviewed several decisions on the restructuring of a member of the team, and has added several names the club wants to make a contract over time; winter to consolidate the team,

It is expected that Mahmoud al-Khatib will travel to A & # 39; Sunday Germany for Monday surgery.

On the other hand, Patrice Cartieron, the French, had recently launched several Al Wasl team games to identify his team's strengths and weaknesses before both teams came to face.

Mohammed Yousuf, the general manager and football team executive leader, said everyone had a strong focus, to bring a good result of the team's leadership to the festival's final show. Yousef explained that the players have a strong desire to get rid of their & # 39; an obstacle in the UAE camp and be suitable for the next round to continue with a war trip.

While the idea within the Council has been to & # 39; Appointment of Sayed Abdelhafiz, sports director post, Zizo, and Al-Masry Al-Youm learned that Hossam Ghali was sure that a number of club members were certified that 39; ask him away from the days back.

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Source: Egyptian Today

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