Ahli tells that Walid Azaro wants to go


Do you want Walid Azaro to leave Ahli? Mohamed Youssef explains things

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Mohamed Yousuf, general coach and executive leader of the Al Ahli football team, rejected the truth about the Moroccan stroll, Walid Azzaro, who wants to leave the red squad.

The Moroccan news story says that Walid Azaro wanted to leave Ahli as a result of the statements by Adli al-Qai, a Ahli contract adviser, in which he attacked the attack to achieve it in a tour final of the European League.

Youssef commented on the official Al Ahli website that Walid Azaroo is currently running in his country team, and there is no truth about the facts about his request to go to Ahli.

Al Ahly noted that such anecdotes are about focusing on his & # 39; player at this time.

He said: "The player will complete his camp and Ahli will eventually beat, as a preparation for the UAE league next Thursday in the home of the sixth round of the Zayed Cup for Arab clubs. "

"The French coach, Patrice Cartier, is in touch with Herve Rennard, a Moroco coach, to bring back the date of Waleed Azzaro, to go to the team in Egypt or the UAE."

Al Ahly is preparing to face Al Wasl in the UAE, where he aims to win any product to suit the final round of Zayed Cup, after the end of # 39; The first step with a positive attraction of two goals for each team.

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