Ahmed Helmi in Mashhad with a child who has the talent to work with Little Big Stars


Young Stars. MBC Young Stars. Facebook. Ahmed Helmy is a child who has a talent of acting, one of the first programs on the MBC Egypt program.

Mohammed al-Harbi plays Ahmed Hilmi's father's office, and Ahmad Hilmi's daughter. appears in the character of a late child to return home.

Le Ahmed Hilmi, a group of children
Within short and different statements, it is a conversation in the # 39; first place of simplicity and simplicity
And confidentiality, and incorporating a variety of conversations according to the talent and age of each child and the size of his response and ability
Communication, which keeps tracking; conversation to heart stations, funny, funny comments and attitudes and got interactive
From the audience in the studio and the audience of their homes.

In the second part of each interview, the child is
Self-self by showing its particular talent or ability; Despite that, the public on the platform
With the latest audio equipment and decorations suitable for every talent or creative ability.

In the first episodes of the program, the audience
On a date with special youth talents for children from Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Lebanon, Jordan and Tunisia.

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