"Ain Ainilil": Greece sent Yuri, Ghezzal and Sarah on television


New app with the reality reality reality Canale 5 hosted by Alessia Marcuzzi

Fourth program of "Island of the Famous", the real hosted holiday show Alessia Marcuzzi with the speeches by Alba Parietti, Alda D 'Eusanio and Band Gialappa. There are two new stones, Jeremias Rodriguez and Soleil Sorgè on land on the island. On television Yuri and Sarah they are preserved and so on Greece Colmenares end his adventure on the island. Yuri, Kaspar and Sarah were named.

The famous 2019 Island, the pictures of the fourth program

He starts with Youma, in the studio after leaving the island a week, and with his / her. A summary of how the groups were divided today. Ciurma and Pirati need to decide. There is a dispute between the two groups due to the Russian division. La Ciurma has complained about what the Pirates did. Brosio explains that the total room came smaller, and that Ri was given less. Luca says, when they can not even & # 39; s around a rope, and let's talk about a half-bolt. "

GENERAL K – A relief month from the talks to show a video in which we can see Kaspar Capparoni in all his commands. A look that longs a disturbance. "It is always taken by that poor boy from Aaron, who seems to have come here with the teacher," said Marco, who then says "after her & # 39; a case he made with the company we said: "If this is the case, follow, we will name "". Back in the Kaspar studio that dropped from the clouds. "I do not give anyone responsibility, I do not give orders, but things have to be done". Aaron will protest more than anything else about the way things are said ".

CHRISTMAS A & # 39; BUSINESS – The people living are ready for her; a lawsuit, with a chocolate cake prize. It's about getting into a full-filled tank, collecting it so much & # 39; as possible and taken to a tub. No matter who generates more benefits of mud. By removing the mud the care of two cleaners … Jeremias and Soleil, will be the two new competitors. Clearly, Jeremias needs to clean the women and save the men … At the end of the year the men have awarded the award.

YURI AND SARA – We talk about the two trained on the island. The feeling between the two is obvious, but the girl has a lover at home. A girlfriend in the studio and says she is very angry. In connection with the Palapa Yuri, he says that he is a? Looking forward to returning home because "I mourn the family and her sweetheart". And to your questions Alessia, she responds to her; confirming that "Sarah is just a friend".

OUTCOME OF THE TELEVOT – Alessia asks the three nominees to announce the result. Yuri is the only shipwreck and the second one is Sarah. Greece Greece Colmenares is a to return home. Alessia asks Brosio if he is happy with this way that he will not have "pee" problems, because his / her use Greece would do a bit in every place.

THE FLAG OF MOSQUITS – A video is shown in which the Brosio situation, which is affected by mosquitoes, has been restarted. In the week he was present for a few days to heal and then he returned. And companions did not get well, because they think it is taking advantage. He tells that he is a real victim of suffering and he also says he never returned when he came to a & # 39; help the group.

WORK LEADER – During the week there were three test tests divided into three teams. The winner is still Marco, Kaspar, Aaron and Ghezzal. They play for the head of this week. And they will do it with the Honduran enclosure, a type of d '#; a war attack that happens by going to # 39; pushing a wooden bar in both sides opposite. The first round between Marco and Kaspar is against Ghezzal and Aaron. So, the players play against each other, instead of the leader. Kaspar is cleared with his first test and is against a weak fight. Marco is again a director.

SESSION OF SINA – The two MIhajlovic sisters are named by Alessia to talk about their knowledge. And then they are showing a video in which the coach is included, and invites them to move on. Both are moved. "Being here as a Mihajlovic girl who makes me feel proud, I walk up with my head as she grew up," said Viktorija.

DEMETRA IN THE STUDY – The Hampton will come into the studio and his / her; opening a direct connection with Palapa to meet Luca, who had a heavy debate.

YURI-SARAH YEAR – It is addressed to its & # 39; question of strike "over the top" at the Bettarini birthday day. The images of the events are shown for the first time. He defends himself saying he did it after others had been able to go. confirming, the response responds "that we do not get rid of the strip away from all but just strip". Alba and Alda, from the studio, were protected by highlighting the "playful" side evident.

CONSTRUCTION OF THE REVIEW – Alessia tells everyone to have one island from this week. But Marco, as a director, needs to make food allowances. Then we will move to the obvious names. Giorgia names Ghezzal, just like the two sisters Mihajlovic. Instead Riccardo names Yuri. The conversations about rusking a & # 39; going on, that is why Gezzal was appointed. The nominations have begun again with Paolo Brosio, who also names Yuri, just like Kaspar and Ghezzal. It is the doubt that Yuri has been trying to be appointed, who is makes Marcuzzi angry. Instead Aaron Kaspar named him. The same is Luca, as long as Jo a & # 39; voting Yuri. The boy is also named by Marina, Stefano and … surprising … by Sarah! Instead, Yuri is Aaron's appointment. So it's up to the new ones: voting Soleil and Jeremias for Yuri. Kaspar and Ghezzal are equal and so Marco will decide who goes to television. And it's a Ghezzal saving decision. Then Sarah named the third name.

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