Air error was omitted with 95% discounted to air tickets in the first class and in the business class


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Tickets in a business class or in the first class from Vietnam to the cities of North America in Cathay Pacific usually cost tens of thousands of dollars. Usually

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But the Hong Kong-based company He made a mistake this week at the start of the new year, who gives expensive seats from Vietnam to towns in North America for a tour of around $ 675.

Although it was a mistake, its company said on the # 39; Twitter account Wednesday fulfill what was announced:

"The 2019 commitment of everything, and to those who bought us good – MÒR a fantastic" special "year on New Year's Day, Yes: We made a mistake, but we hope to welcome you on board with your ticket that was issued. We hope this will do for 2019 special & # 39; too! "

Complete the tweet with these hashtags #promisahechapromesacomplished and # lessonaprendered.

The news about the huge reduction of internet-based internet linking with mobile bloggers such as Gary Leff, has published a great deal on promoting New Year's Eve & New.

The One Mile at Time blogger said the offer is "Successful Low", has been getting active class offer for $ 675 from Da Nang to JFK airports in New York. To compare, the only flight in a business class could cost around $ 16,000 if it was held on Thursday, January 3. EThe reduction of $ 675 was higher than 95%.

Other trips have not missed a long time accident: Tell one mile trip from Hanoi to New York for just $ 1,100 in the active classand the first class of Hanoi from Vancouver to $ 988.

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Are you upsetting to lose that discount, which is not there now? Well, Some offers are still good (we can not tell if there are mistakes or not).

One Mile at a Time also reports air flights from the United States to Australia and New Zealand, a business class, for less than $ 1,500.

Passengers often do not respect the known mistakes, and The Points Guy's website reports that they do not have to do so.

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