Air Lion: Location Peacefully Welcome, but Not Real It is just 3 people in the number of passengers


JAKARTA, – Lion Air's airline identifies a reduction in the number of passengers currently on board. This is because the passenger situation is still low (low season)

However, Lion Air Danang Mandala Prihantoro's Corporate Communications Strategy refused low season Making a waulking plane has dropped dramatically.

"Still in a quiet season (low season) The percentage of our passengers is unable to supply, "said, Jakarta, Monday (11/2/2019).

"Of course low season but it's not really true that there are only 3 or 4 people in passengers, "he continued.

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Lion Given clarification about the news that is written. The Air Lion plane in Padang continues to grow – in Jakarta on 8 February, 2019 only carrying 3 passengers.

Danang said, this is not true. Lion Air said he had investigated three Padang-Jakarta scheduled aircraft that day.

Passenger residency, that is the number of JT-253 aircraft with 104 passengers, JT-353 and 109 travelers traveling and JT-357 and & # 39; carrying 205 passengers.

"So that's not true if the number of passengers who are transported is only (3 people)," he said.

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