Air transport: TAP Air Portugal to get a & # 39; first A330-900


This plane will be used on routes from Portugal to America and Africa. This is a great opportunity to open its bigger wings in the world of big world companies. "I am delighted to welcome the first Airbus A330-900 in our growing fleet. Profit and unprecedented efficiency will result in guidance our business, "said Antonoaldo Neves, TAP Chief of Portugal Air.

He says "The A330ne provides us with great operating flexibility, as it is like other Airbus aircraft in our fleet. This aircraft is the first equipment with the new Airspace cabin, a new concept designed to meet the TAP's ambition to deliver the best product for our travelers. "

For head of the world in making planes, this operation is part of this genuine promotion of increasing the new generation of planets' market "Delivering its first A330neo to a user long-term Airbus, TAP Air Portugal, is a milestone that is very important for Airbus, "said Guillaume Faury, Commercial Airbus Commercial President.

"The delivery of its first A330neo to long-term Airbus user, TAP Air Portugal, is a crucial milestone for Airbus," said Guillaume Faury, President of Airbus Air Adventures. "With innovative continuity, the A330neo, our new jumbo, offers our highest value and efficiency to our customers and a level of comfort for their passengers. This opportunity marks a new step in achieving the objectives of our business for sustainable air, "he said.

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