Airfare to Hanoi back to Tan Son Nhat after more than 30 minutes


Some passengers shared all passengers on the plane; away from the Tan Son Nhat airport (HCMC) on the afternoon of 19-11 due to fear of unknown reasons plane How to use it.

According to the description of the airplane passengers and some scheduled video within the aircraft when the event occurred, the crew was informed of the emergency aircraft and the flight plane needed to travel around 30 minutes without releasing fuel. Aircraft attendants also provide passenger guidance to prepare for the worst conditions as well as to # 39; surrendered constantly.

Till to Tan Son Nhat after 30 minutes - Picture 1.

Photographs of passengers who deal with emergency situations as ordered – Screenshots

The plane started at Tan Son Nhat at 20 hours and 6 minutes on November 19.

According to data from Flightradar24, the Bietjet plane was reaching a height of 11,000 feet before finding the accident and bustling; He had to go down about 5,000 feet to fly around 5 walks. Very good for about 30 minutes.

On the morning of 20-11, he confirmed with a newspaper Speaker, Vietjet's representative said this is the plane back to its airport to look at the technique. Thus, a VJ198 flight from Ho Chi Minh City to Hanoi was expired at 19.5 hours on 19-11, after 10 minutes to go, and # 39; Finding a technical caution, the captain decided to return to Tan Son Airport. Most of the study.

After investigating the technical warnings there is a breach, the plane has returned to normal use. At the same time, to limit the waiting time, all passengers on the plane went on board another trip to continue.

Common air conditions are common. According to their process, when they locate a technical warning, the team will put the land at a & # 39; airport to monitor the purpose of ensuring passenger safety.


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