Airlines: 85% of unemployed people affected them – 11/26/2018


85% of the 40,000 passengers of Aerolíneas y Austral who did not travel today were re-instated on flights between Tuesdays and Wednesdays, speakers said. company. "We have 82 plans," they said.

Many of the aircraft are the only ones that were previously recorded, and will be vacant to a full house. But there is also a clerical record for some paths, especially those that go to Patagonia: at least one Airbus A330, with 300 passengers, will be going to & # 39; travel to Ushuaia, the sources added.

Today's surrender was the strike, with five of the six aircrafts, ready, according to what was said in the morning with the head of Union Aerocomerciales Senior Staff (UPSA), Rubén Fernández. In a certain situation, when the strike was knocked down, the aircraft decided to suspend each of the missiles until the cloud is tomorrow.

At the same time, the end of the Scottish Air Airport strike (APLA, UPSA, APTA, UALA and APA) is very suited to the "assemblies", which said between 4.00 and 7.00 in the morning tomorrow All unions are the Alliance of Transport Alliance (CATT).

The transport unions name, when their assemblies pass, they will give a news conference at Aeroparque. The only unified force to force the force today, the Argentine Aircraft Association (AAA) is a member of the "CATT" small board, reconciled the union of the day-to-day force.

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