AirPods, earphones without another wire could cause the risk of cancer, scientists warn


Dozens of scientists have signed up to the United Nations petition and the World Health Organization to warn about the possible risks to Apple AirPods.

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The 250 experts who signed the petition believe that the clubs responsible for causing cancer risks are due to Bluetooth technology, a type of electromagnetic frequency (EMF) that can disclose information.

The scientists said that the greatest threat is the device near a inner skull within the user's body. The science collection has called for protection against technology.

“Based on peer-reviewed research, we are very concerned about the current, and increasing, presence of the wireless wire and wire,” the petition will read. “Many scientific publications have shown that EMF has had an impact on living organisms at significantly lower levels than much of the international and national leadership. ”

It also noted that the recently established International Research Group on EMF has “been potentially carcinogenic” for people.

Not only has the petition referred to cancer, he also said that chronic brain deficiencies and DNA damage were also attributed to EMF.

While high levels of EMF can generate heat, cause burns and affect cell growth in humans, scientists have not decided the effects of large amounts of exposure near EMF at a level. T low, made up of tools like the AirPods.

Despite the guidelines of the World Health Organization (WHO) for EMF levels for display of tools, petitioners do not believe that the proposals are adequate.

“The various organizations that have set up adequate safety standards have not been successful in protecting the public, particularly more vulnerable children from the effects of EMF,” the petition continued. “By acting, the WHO has failed to fulfill its role as the best international public health organization. ”

Apple has previously responded to concerns about the risk of radiation.

“Apple products are always designed and tested to meet all safety needs,” said Apple spokesman Alex Kirschner, in 2016 when the devices were first launched t .

The company has not replied to the most recent submissions.

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