“Ajax needs to win. It is time to take the scale back to Amsterdam & # 39;


Kolbeinn Sigthorsson hopes that Ajax will be affecting the PSV on Sunday and also thinking that Lasse Schöne can get the best visit. Sigthorsson had not been an Ajax player for nearly five years, but his love for Ajax has not died.

"It will be… 1-0", thinking that Sigthorsson is on the Ajax website. "Free kick Viking brother Lasse Schöne. He has been often on this season, and on Sunday he will do it again. "Sigthorsson knows that Ajax needs to benefit from PSV to continue his participation in the title race." and the weight increased again. It is time to take the scale back to Amsterdam"

Ajax is a quarterly issue of the Champions League season, but Sigthorsson concludes his decision to end Erik Ten Hag's team. The opponent is Juventus. "This season I have seen Ajax heavily in the League of Champions. It is impossible for them to be in the seasons. But when you look at how well they play, as in Bernabéu as For example, it's no surprise. "

"Ajax just has a very strong team. I think they can go further. This team can reach the final, why not," Sigthorsson reflects.

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