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RPK Lighter guns, RPG-7 grenade surgeons, and AK-47 war armies in the 20th century and continue to play a "# 39; enjoyed today.

Military - The 3 most powerful weapons in Russia in the 20th century: essential historical & # 39; AK-47 & # 39;

RPK's gun is a lightweight machine that is popular with people all over the world.

The 20th century Russian army was renowned for its effectiveness, reliability, and most important, easy to use and simple maintenance. The RBTH lists three of the most common weapons in Russia in the world in the last century.

Kalashnikov light machine gun (RPK)

This is one of the most common lightning guns in the world. RPK has developed six versions and is about to start a new version of RPK-16.

The machine gun is available in two sizes: 7.62×39 and 5.45x39mm. In fact, it is the design of the horrible Kalashnikov rifle (the famous festive AK), but with some minor changes. Unlike AK, there are more and deeper RPK barrels, which improve accuracy.

RPK is the ideal tool for fighting in urban or mountain habitats. The smelting range is about 450m and it is slightly more light than the other machine guns. In addition, this weapon can be used as a heavy gun.

RPK was used in most armored conflicts in the second half of the 20th century and is still done in Russia as well as other countries.

Secretary RPG-7 RPG

Armament - The best 3 most powerful in the 20th century weapons: legendary AK-47 & # 39; essential (Fig. 2).

Secretary RPG-7 RPG.

The grenade RPG-7 sites is the anti-tan tool that is widely used in the world. This weapon is often used against armed vehicles and often the "toy" selected by thousands in Hollywood films.

Interestingly, they were American soldiers and The first one who suffered RPG-7, was first used during the Vietnam War in the period 1965-1974. The main advantage of the RPG-7 is to be lowered, easy and simple manufactured.

Russian rockets are very effective in the detriment of military weapons and enemy fortifications. A range of RPG-7 activities is about 330m. In addition, this rocket has been used against specific targets, such as helicopters and attack planes.

However, the introduction of shoulder protection systems has gradually replaced this use of RPG-7.

AK-47 gun

Armament - The best 3 most powerful in the 20th century weapons: legendary AK-47 & # 39; essential (Fig. 3).

AK-47 is one of the "legends" in Russia.

Guide to the list of the most common weapons in Russia is the story "AK-47". This is the first Russian attack rifle that uses 7.62 x 39 mm armed weapons and can work well in any environment, from water, snow, frost or otherwise. a sun chopping in the Sahara desert.

The AK-47 reputation is also known by saying "Reliable as a Kalashnikov".

There is a range of Russian reels of up to 300m with sufficient strength strength to climb bikes and attack enemy targets. With its great strength and other benefits, 100 million AK-47 were sold worldwide, according to a study by the Oxford University.

This well-known device has made many changes since its inception, and is currently preparing for the latest refurbishment named AK-12.

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