Al-Ahli Football Association asks Al-Ahli to be closed from Niger's meeting


The board of his football company by Hany Abu Reda, on technical staff of the national team by Javier Aguirre, is headed to take part in the anniversary sixth and last round of Afghanistan for 2019 in front of Niger in March, without the international players of Ahli. Submitting a football partnership recommendation that an Egyptian team inside was a formal qualification for the next African nations, and it's best to get rid of the stop in March to restore some of the games for the Ahli team.

This league competition is a major crisis due to the change in the African Championship's diary which organized the "K" African Football Federation with the partnership of the four clubs in Egypt, where the final version of the -Samhain, and he will start the new version later that month, along with the other competitions, notably the Arab League and the Egyptian Cup.

Football officers are waiting for Agiri's position on the # 39; praised, trying to find out for the 11-game game of the suspended games; disappeared when the Red Team came to the borders of the European League that he lost to Tunisia.








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